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The Journal of Dreams 01/15/2010

I worked all night on the sky and Martin Luther on the horse.  At the art supply store, the best thing I found was YES paste.  It has a thickness, is archival and does not yellow after time which does not make a significance difference in the painting because I mixed it with liquid acrylics to create a relatively stable color.

The blow dryer ran for hours last night as I worked feverishly to surprise the Police Officer next door.  It was he who suggested the sky be done in that way.  I told him that I had considered doing it in that technique but when he said to consider it, it sealed the plan.  He will be surprised the next time I call him over to see the painting.

Using a plastic spoon, I scooped out 3 heaping teaspoons in a metal mixing cup then added an estimated 2 tablespoons of liquid acrylic color.  Mixing it in my hand, I found the warmth of my hand against the metal cup allowed the YES paint to soften to a little thicker consistency than honey, then let it stiffen at room temperature.

I applied “globs” and “globs” to the painting then when through them with the brush to create trails swirling around.  It was more difficult than I imagined.  It is not easy to swirl designs and make them look light and airy.  I let the sky travel on to Martin Luther’s cheek and face to make him become one with the sky, as he is now.

After drying the paste and paint to a solid enough surface to lightly brush, I initially and very lightly brushed pastel colors over the ridges of texture.  The effect was unacceptable as it is too small of an area (believe it or not) to go from light to the dark of the accompanying Locust on the right side, so I darkened the sky.

Using bold colors mimicking the backdrop of the television show Who’s Line Is It Anyway, made from bold, bright colors I dried them and highlighted the sky in white for uniformity.  The bold color showed modestly in the deep texture and the white is on the protruding texture followed by Interference Blue to blend in the Locust.

I wrote backwards above Martin Luther’s head:  PROFOUND INSPIRATION which will only be visible via X-ray, and maybe not even then since this section of the painting is on a custom, wood (Birch) canvas.  It was my thank you to him for his sacrifice to make the world better for all of us, a private message…

When I went to Michael’s, I custom ordered the last 5 gallery wrap canvases needed for the painting.  I have 4 wooden canvases coming and that will be finally, after 12 years, the entire 30 canvases I need to complete the painting.  The gallery wraps are around $110.00 a piece and they were on sale…what a lucky find!

Actually I needed one extra canvas because I used one years ago painting gigantic red blood cells.  That canvas will be used in the painting and painted over.  Just know that the blood of life is pulsating under this painting as blood pulsates under our skin keeping us alive.  A beautiful thought, a beautiful vision!

The Journal of Dreams 01/04/2010

There is a guy, John who answered an ad I placed on a local site to make custom wood canvases.  He is making them for me and will be bringing 2 of them Friday.  He is a fine woodworker.  I spent some time last night at work (SSSHHHH!), trying to draw out the shipping crates needed for the 30 canvases of the painting.  I have a descent design but need professional guidance.  Imagine the crates breaking open in transit.

I spent a few minutes when I came home figuring out this black horse in the Journal of Measures.  I am determined to fix him once and for all!  My greatest downfall in painting and drawing is the horse so it is no wonder I am having this difficulty.  I am becoming quite good at the head but it is the body which looks strange to me.  On my next day off I will focus on setting myself free.

There are a lot of problems at work, adding undue stress on me.  The patient load is designed to have a tech working with a certain amount of the nurse’s patients but these techs are often nowhere to be found so the nurse’s workload increases to nearly unmanageable.  The economy has staffing dwindling down so sometimes I am the only nurse left at 4 or 5am…crazy!

My desire to paint is eating at me on the nights I work because I am not naturally a night person, so one night takes 2 days to recover, then it is time to do it again.  I have set a goal to paint something, write in the journals or social networks every time I am off.  I calculated what needs to be done in what timeframes and set goals.  Although not to the minute, it is time to sleep now…