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The Journal of Dreams 01/26/2010

Sketching today and working on the social networking sites.  I am going to research a site analytics program to see where the visitors are coming from.  It would be interesting to see if I can find one that tells me the countries, and even better the cities.  I often wonder if the Pope is keeping up with the work.

I need to focus on my day job since presently I do not have one!

The Journal of Dreams 01/04/2010

There is a guy, John who answered an ad I placed on a local site to make custom wood canvases.  He is making them for me and will be bringing 2 of them Friday.  He is a fine woodworker.  I spent some time last night at work (SSSHHHH!), trying to draw out the shipping crates needed for the 30 canvases of the painting.  I have a descent design but need professional guidance.  Imagine the crates breaking open in transit.

I spent a few minutes when I came home figuring out this black horse in the Journal of Measures.  I am determined to fix him once and for all!  My greatest downfall in painting and drawing is the horse so it is no wonder I am having this difficulty.  I am becoming quite good at the head but it is the body which looks strange to me.  On my next day off I will focus on setting myself free.

There are a lot of problems at work, adding undue stress on me.  The patient load is designed to have a tech working with a certain amount of the nurse’s patients but these techs are often nowhere to be found so the nurse’s workload increases to nearly unmanageable.  The economy has staffing dwindling down so sometimes I am the only nurse left at 4 or 5am…crazy!

My desire to paint is eating at me on the nights I work because I am not naturally a night person, so one night takes 2 days to recover, then it is time to do it again.  I have set a goal to paint something, write in the journals or social networks every time I am off.  I calculated what needs to be done in what timeframes and set goals.  Although not to the minute, it is time to sleep now…