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The Journal of Dreams 01/12/2010

The Black Horse is complete except for his hair which requires a lot of meticulous planning.  His hair will have to be applied when the canvases are off the wall.  They are only hung on the wall by strips of tape and tacs, no nails so there is a lot of “play” in the movement of the canvases as I paint.  If the canvases move when the hair is applied the hair will stretch and move from its original position.  The hair will follow.

I learned a new way to paint today.  Never having formal training this is very exciting for me.  It was in painting the wheat and barley under the black horse.  I was struggling trying to make long strands of grass.  The paint would run out on the brush and when I tried to place more paint and place the brush where I left off, it did not match up and looked broken in flow.

After several attempts I layed on the floor next to the painting and remembered the free feeling in finally painting the black horse.  Before I knew it, I was spinning the brush in my fingers using all the paint around the circumference of the brush and creating blades of grass reaching over 30 inches.  It felt so free, that I found it hard to stop making layers of different colored grasses.

Becoming one with the brush is what happened.  It was so lightly held that it was difficult to feel it as it twirled.  I will definitely paint with this technique when I start other projects.  It looked like a madman’s painting technique I am sure but it created such free beauty.  The difficulty is in the wheat and barley seed pods.  They will need a lot of work and detail.

I brought my neighbor, a police officer over to see the magnificent black horse.  I was bursting at the seams to show someone.  He stood staring, somewhat of an overwhelmed look in his eyes, maybe from the size of it and the entire story.  I found myself out of breath telling him so much information in a very short time.  We talked about the sky and I have a surprise for him…