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The Journal of Dreams 02/06/2010

My endeavor was and is to write everyday this last year of the painting to show how life and work; dreams and goals are affected by everyday life.  Today this is the effect:  I received a call from the new manager allowing me to work as an agency nurse to make some money before I start the job to catch up on the bills already due.  Agency allows next day or rapid pay, so what hours I work today are paid to me tomorrow, therefore I can pay the bills.  Once I start the job, I do not get paid for 2 weeks, so life and work is  a priority.  The next few days will be sparse for writing because work starts today!

The Journal of Dreams 01/06/2010

Got up too late to do anything before work.  Feeling comatose.  Work over rides dreams today while functioning in survival mode.  That’s OK.  I did a lot the past 5 days…a whole lot.

When I get home in the morning, it takes about an hour to get sleepy so in that hour I will make a generic letter seeking investors or corporate donator of things I need to complete the painting.  On days when time is limited, I’ll copy and paste it, changing what is needed and get 10-20 letters sent out via email then I won’t feel like time was wasted or that I didn’t reach my goals.  Good idea?

Have to go to work now.