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The Journal of Dreams 02/17/2010

Feeling a little tired.  I am working the mid-shift in the “Emergency Room” when the world wakes up and decides it is time to come see the doctor after about a year!  But I am focusing on the P O S I T I V E!

It seems the right top canvas that was buckling or warping has resolved…mostly.  I made it a practice every morning and night to re-tack it into place.  I am happy, thinking I might have had to replace it.

I will start painting after a day of rest.  I worked 6-12 hour shifts in 7 days which equals 72 hours not counting the before and after time.  When I work like this, it feels like I am getting the flu or something but it goes away after rest.

Thinking about sketching a few things on the canvas but when I started, I felt irritable.  It is not good to sketch when you are irritable, nothing will ever look right.  I will wait one day.