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The Journal of Dreams 01/30/2010

I had an idea about STOCK CARDS where a person could own a one foot section of The Revelation Painting for one year.  I thought this would give people with families or students trying to go to college an opportunity to make money for a modest investment.  The more I thought about it, I realized that if a person had $100.00 ($110.00 because of associated fees and shipping), to invest, they were probably not needing the money as bad as someone who does not have it.

I don’t think I will push the STOCK CARDS to hard.  I think that I will give them to people I know need help in some way.  The cards are on their way and I cannot wait to give them to people!  I feel like how the Grinch felt when “his heart grew ten times that day”.  Currently I have nothing and either do the people who will receive the cards.  We can only hope for the best and hope this painting explodes in value.  The first place I will travel is Africa to wrestle a lion!

Some time back I had watched a Discovery Channel show about orphaned baby elephants.  Did you know that elephants travel great distances to die in the elephant graveyard?  It’s a place full of old, and new elephant bones.  The show captured a baby elephant who went to the elephant graveyard.  He rummaged around the bones until he found one that he stood over and swung his head back and forth.  Tears poured from his eyes.  It was so sad but ultimately beautiful.