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The Journal of Dreams 02/09/2010

Behind today, no real-time to talk about it.  Going to work.  I keep readjusting the heavy wood canvases, one particular canvas may be warped.  It pulls away from the wall and it is the upper corner.  Hopefully, once the paint (moisture) is on it, when it pulls away, if I keep up on it as it dries I will straighten it.  I will have to wait to paint on it until I am sure it is a viable canvas.


The Journal of Dreams 01/04/2010

There is a guy, John who answered an ad I placed on a local site to make custom wood canvases.  He is making them for me and will be bringing 2 of them Friday.  He is a fine woodworker.  I spent some time last night at work (SSSHHHH!), trying to draw out the shipping crates needed for the 30 canvases of the painting.  I have a descent design but need professional guidance.  Imagine the crates breaking open in transit.

I spent a few minutes when I came home figuring out this black horse in the Journal of Measures.  I am determined to fix him once and for all!  My greatest downfall in painting and drawing is the horse so it is no wonder I am having this difficulty.  I am becoming quite good at the head but it is the body which looks strange to me.  On my next day off I will focus on setting myself free.

There are a lot of problems at work, adding undue stress on me.  The patient load is designed to have a tech working with a certain amount of the nurse’s patients but these techs are often nowhere to be found so the nurse’s workload increases to nearly unmanageable.  The economy has staffing dwindling down so sometimes I am the only nurse left at 4 or 5am…crazy!

My desire to paint is eating at me on the nights I work because I am not naturally a night person, so one night takes 2 days to recover, then it is time to do it again.  I have set a goal to paint something, write in the journals or social networks every time I am off.  I calculated what needs to be done in what timeframes and set goals.  Although not to the minute, it is time to sleep now…

The Journal of Dreams 01/03/2010

I work at night, thirteen hours in a very fast paced and busy emergency room.  I have been a nurse longer than I have been a painter.  Sadness overwhelms me often times when caring for sick people.  There was a time in my life when I had no respect for life, drove my car 168 miles an hour, tested destiny and lived like there was no tomorrow.  It was during that time I attempted to sketch The Revelation Painting several times and finally came to the solid conclusion that I had not earned the right.

After becoming a nurse I went straight into the critical care and emergency areas.  It was high paced, high stress, and in dealing with life and death on a daily basis, after five years my respect for life changed.  I found myself telling people how stupid it was to drive a car over the speed limit.  Images of torn and broken bodies were stamped into my memories and I had become a changed person.  It was also during this time I began having episodes where I would go blind for 30 minutes at a time.

Stress was taking a toll on me.  The blindness was induced by migraines without the immediate pain, at least until the next day where 1/2 of my brain felt as though it had been crushed!  During this time I began to gain weight and my signature even changed.  When a person’s signature changes, it is considered a major life event.  I had not even thought about The Revelation Painting for several years, favoring writing poetry, learning to paint independently and planning to publish a book.

The truth of the matter was that I knew Nursing was not what I wanted to grow old doing.  I began searching for a way out.  I thought that travel nursing would give me an opportunity to find a place where I felt at home as a nurse, where I could back off of the high stress, go back to school and move forward instead of breaking my back, not sleeping well, smoking more, not managing my finances, essentially living like a life-saving zombie.  I was saving everyone but killing myself.

At work one night I was in a hurry and didn’t know how to use a piece of equipment.  I was taking care of a full blown, dying HIV patient and through my own ignorance ran a needle full of blood all the way up my index finger.  It did not penetrate my finger but I was closer to dying than ever in my careless life and I recognized it.  I came home and when I went to bed, I prayed and thanked God for the first time in my life that day.

When I woke up the memories of Revelation were fresh on my mind for the first time in a long, long time.  I saw the creatures with eyes all over their wings clearer than I ever had.  I sat down and sketched them and they were perfect!  That was the awakening of a sleeping dream and when the painting rekindled the passion for it in my heart.  Beginning to look ahead and into the future, I began working on plans for the painting.  I had finally earned the right and I knew it.