The Journal of Dreams 03/09/2010

Working on the many, many eyes.  I am trying to make them POP out of the canvas and trying to imagine a hologram to make them move around!  Can’t decide on just the eyeball like a circle or the white of the socket as well.  There are so many things to think about and most of them are after the painting starts.  Even the measurements and sketches can’t find all the problems which develop.  Like the whites of the eyes.  No matter how many coats of white I apply, it still is not the brightest white.  I’m having trouble figuring out why.  Maybe it is just the lighting.

When it gets warmer, I think I will paint outside in the sunlight to get the true light of the sun.  I could get full spectrum lighting for the studio area but that is to expensive now.  Full spectrum lighting is supposed to be good for your attitude and mood.  It is supposed to make you feel happy.  Used in the treatment of S.A.D-Seasonal Affective Disorder, which makes people feel depressed in the winter, these lights would most likely help me with my anger management too.  Maybe next winter.  I love a lot of bright, white light!

Well, back to the eyes while I have the desire.

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