The Journal of Dreams 03/03/2010

Although I am working today, I need to find out how to write a professional press release.  Previously I had contacted the major news media but have not received a reply for any of them.  Most likely going about this the wrong way, this is an imperative part of the painting and its advertising.

My computer is filling up with information and running slower and slower.  I am awaiting the crash and loss of all my information.  I should also take the time to burn CD’s of the information as well as back ups.  The photos used for reference material of the various scenes are the major byte eaters.

I checked the mail a little while ago and found chunks of chrysoprase!  I love to receive the stones, they are highly motivational.  I started working intermittently on The Stones journal and the most favorite part of it is looking up country information where the stones are commonly mined.

The second favorite part is the spiritual sections; what each stone offers and their sacred and current meanings.  Within this information, it is clear that stones are somehow a significant part of us and our world.  I would like a cuff bracelet with the 12 stones to wear everyday!

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