The Journal of Dreams 02/27/2010

I made a coupon for Facebook regarding the STOCK CARDS.  It is my last attempt to sell them. On  March 31st, I will remove them from the Official site.

The Revelation Painting

Buy a Revelation Stock Card and get 10% off.

In effort to give everyone an opportunity to participate in a substantial way to the creation of this painting and in the spirit of “paying it forward”, stock cards have been issued and you can get yours for $110.00 toward the completion of this painting. This offer coincides with the levels on the GIVE/TAKE page. Levels 1 and 2 will still apply for your purchase, and are limited to 5 stock cards per individual in order to give other individuals and families a fair opportunity.

By purchasing this STOCK CARD, you realize that just as in “real” stock investments, the market fluctuates and there are no guarantees on your investment return. Read the information on this website and discover the magnitude of this project and make an informed decision. As the artist, I project that this painting IS history in the making and honest effort is being projected to make a significant income for all involved.

See the UPDATES page for details and how to purchase:

Program rules and restrictions apply where applicable by law.
You will be contacted with specific directions and request for your physical address in order to receive the STOCK CARD by USPS delivery confirmation.
No coupon necessary 03/01/10-03/31/10.

The Revelation Painting
Fine Art history in the making.

Expires: 2010-03-31

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